This is a subject that includes every businessperson, even if you have 1 employee or you’re running a one-man show.

I want to caution every Business owner that any great business can be destroyed by its own work force delivering bad service. Good or bad they are a direct reflection on the service that will be offered to your Clients.

Remember the best form of marketing is word of mouth, if your customers are not happy many people will know and stay away from your Business. “Bad news travels fast”

We all know small Business start with a small work force, two or three. It’s important no matter the size of your workforce, always demand nothing but the best from them. The success of your business depends on this.

It’s always important to know that your behavior not words will gain you the respect of your employees. I’ve seen young business people start work at 10 am because they are the “boss”. This is especially unacceptable for start-ups. It’s important that the owners of the business show leadership in a Business for the work force to believe in the dream. One must lead by example.

If you’re starting or running a Business I urge you to look at your work force closely, create measures and processes that will help you monitor their deliverables.

To be continued

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